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Registration - First StepTeacher or other school official registers using the Teacher Registration Form.
Registration - Second StepTeacher emailed a Teacher Registration Number from Virtual Science Fair.
Registration - Third StepStudent Team registers using theTeam Registration Form and the Teacher Reg. Number.
Registration - Fourth StepUserids and passwords for student/team web server accounts posted in Teacher Zone.
Registration - Fifth StepStudents build and upload their projects to the Virtual Science Fair server.
NOTE: The website created must be built on your computer using website authoring software or typical office applications then uploaded to the VSF server. It must not be built on external servers such as Google Sites or Weebly.

Home Schooler? Outside Canada?...
If you are a home schooler or your school is not based in Canada please contact Larry via email for registration instructions.   Please note: Home Schoolers will be provided with email support but not telephone support.

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Teacher Registration

Each Team participating must be authorized by a teacher or school administrator. The teacher need not be the science teacher.

Subsequent to registration, the teacher will be sent a Teacher Registration Number via email. The Team Captain must use this Teacher Registration Number in order to register.
Only the Team Captain completes the Team Registration Form.

If you do not receive your Teacher Registration Number within 2 days of completing the registration form, please contact me. or phone (250) 598-5960

It is often useful for the teacher to have a 'dummy' student account for testing purposes. This is best accomplished by the teacher also registering as a student using the Student/Project Registration Form. Register as: first name "your first name" and last name "your last name +Teach". For example: Larry Oberg would register as student Larry ObergTeach. Of course this is done after the teacher has received the Teacher Registration Number.

Teacher Registration Closed for 2014
Team Registration

The Team Captain completes the Team Registration Form. Team members are listed on the form.

The Teacher MUST register and receive a Registration Number BEFORE a Team registers.

The Team Registration Form requires a Teacher Registration Number. Ask your teacher for the number.
Please Note:
Only the Team Captain registers. Register only once.
• A student may be on only one team.
• YES. You may make changes to the registration information after you receive your Userid and Password from your teacher.

      (Team Userids and Passwords will be sent to your teacher.)

Team Registration Closed for 2014 
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