Students and Teachers - Please review this page before viewing project and awards.
See the Ethanol, Transport Canada, and Best in School results here:
See all the results here:
Why didn't I receive a higher award? If you are asking yourself this question complete the following steps before contacting me regarding a Judging Error .
Look over the projects in your award level as well as the projects in one level above and below your level. How do they compare to your project?
   2) Review carefully the Do's and Don'ts.
   3) Review the website checklist.

Judging Errors - WIth 500 projects to review, it is entirely possible there have been some worthy projects overlooked or placed in an incorrect award category. If you have any questions or concerns contact me via email and please include the userid and/or the project number along with the teacher's name (if it is your project).
I will respond within a couple days.
   Please include:

    1) Your userid or project number.
    2) Your teacher's name and school (if it is your project).

Judging Margin of Error - There is likely a margin of error in judging of + or - one award level.

Posting Errors - I have made every effort to post the results accurately, but if any errors exist in the online version of the results, they will be corrected in accordance with the official copy in my office.

VSF Project Rules and Requirements - Clearly some teams were unaware of some very important VSF rules. For example, all project files (including video) must be hosted on the VSF server. Also, there must be no live external links, other than to previous VSF projects which should be included on the Project Information page.

Judges Comments - There are fewer comments from judges this year. All teachers were invited to submit comments. Comments from the 18 teachers that did submit comments are on the project display page.

Cheques and Certificates will be Mailed to Schools - Each student receives a personalized certificate. The award cheque will be issued to the team captain. The captain should cash the cheque and share the award equally with the other team members.

Mistakes in Awards - Please notify me of any mistakes in amounts or recipients of awards.

Spelling Mistakes on Certificates - I have use the text on the registration form for certificates. I have tried to correct spelling but may have missed some errors. You can print on the blank certificates or contact me for replacements.

Extra Blank Certificates - I have included a few blank certificates in each school package.

Award Levels - Summa Cum Laude is the highest level, followed by Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, Cum Honore and Cum Virtute.

Apologies for 2008 - I apologize for some delays this year including the judging of projects. I was ill for a couple of months in the winter and also I was unexpectedly away for most of May.
Transport Canada Awards - The following message was located in the Transport Canada awards section of the Special Awards page until the Transport Canada awards were announced on June 18.
As of Monday, June 16, Transport Canada has not made a decision on their awards. I have nominated a number of worthy candidates which they may or may not accept. I have temporarily awarded other prizes to the nominated projects. If Transport Canada accepts a nominated projects for their awards, I will change the present award sponsor to Transport Canada. The projects will not receive both prizes, but in most cases the Transport Canada award will be greater than the award I have "temporarily" given the project.
This is exactly what was done when the Transport Canada awards arrived. Except for one project which was given 2 awards due to the fact that the sponsors themselves independently select the Ethanol and Transport Canada awards.
"Thank You" notes from students and teachers - Each team should prepare a "Thank You" note (on paper) for the sponsor of their prize or sponsors in general. Each September, I go hat in hand to our sponsors for funding. Funding decisions are made by ordinary individuals (not a faceless corporation) and you would be surprised of the importance of a simple "Thank You."
Send it to me and I will forward the "Thank You" to the appropriate person.

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