See the Ethanol and Transport Canada Results here:
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Judging Errors - WIth 700 projects to review, it is possible there have been some worthy projects overlooked. If you have any questions or concerns contact me via email and please include the userid and/or the project number along with the teacher's name.

Posting Errors - I have made every effort to post the results accurately, but if any errors exist in the online version of the results, they will be corrected in accordance with the official copy in my office.

VSF Project Rules and Requirements - Clearly some teams were unaware of some very important VSF rules. For example, all project files (including video) must hosted on the VSF server. Before next year I will prepare a more detailed and complete listing of the requirements for VSF projects.

Judges Comments - Most projects have no comments from judges, while some have several. The ">" symbol indicates a different judge making a comment. In some cases, comments were added by your teacher.

Cheques and Certificates will be Mailed to School - Each student receives a personalized certificate. The award cheque will be issued to the team captain. The captain should cash the cheque and share the award equally with the other team members.

Award Levels - Summa Cum Laude is the highest level, followed by Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, Cum Honore and Cum Virtute.

Students - Each winning team should prepare a thank you note ( on paper) for the sponsor of their prize. Send it to me and I will forward to the appropriate person.

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See the Ethanol and Transport Canada Results here:
See all the results here: